At The Tech Guy IT we pride ourselves in putting small to medium businesses online by enabling business processes and online marketing through Technology.

About Us

Established in August 2017, The Tech Guy IT is all about technology. The Founder of The Tech Guy IT has over 12 years experience in the IT industry spanning from the Insurance Industry, ICT and the government sector.

We enable business processes

Using technology, we do what it take to assist with your day to day work.

We care about your needs

We will do our work according to your specifications

We assist you with client interaction and marketing

We give you the visiblity you need for exposure to your clients for you to obtain more business.


Website Hosting

We offer service to host your website for as little as R99.00 per month, based on your needs. We will also host your emails and provide your company with professional emails account. Get in touch to get your domain registered.

Website Design

We mainly design websites using ASP.Net to give that online presence. Website packages range from R2,700.00 per basic design. Contact us for more information.

Graphics Design

We will assist in giving your site a lift by design imagery to complement the content of your website. Including logo designs.

Database Design

We can deisgn your applications to run on MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server to widen the capabilities of your application.

Software Design

We use the latest .Net Technology to deisgn custom software for our clients.

IT Support

We offer technical support for companies which already have infrastructure and also need to upgrade their current solutions.